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Purifying Pilates

The Peninsula's most personalized Pilates Studio

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   Pilates...Progressed. Purifying Pilates is a contemporary Pilates Studio in Downtown San Mateo, focusing on individual client needs...offering Private Instruction, Group Reformer, Jumpboard and Circuit Classes. In 2016 we have added MELT Hand and Foot Treatment Classes--the perfect addition to Pilates, MELT directly treats your fascial system. We also offer a Comprehensive Teacher Training and Apprentice Program, and we are an official SmartSpine© Academy Studio.

We offer training for all levels of physical ability--from the "never exercise" or rehabilitating an injury to the aspiring or professional dancer or athlete. Our teachers all specialize in a therapeudic approach to Pilates, and in Fascial Oriented Training. The SmartSpine© System of products created by our mentor, Marie-Jose Blom, assist in aligning the spine, training the fascial web, and releasing tight tissues. After your first session, you will feel lengthened (and taller!), released, and invigorated, and most often, a reduction in pain.
The optimal program for your physical needs will be designed for you at your Initial Personal Assessment.  


What is Pilates?! Pilates is and always has been more than just exercise. It is whole-body conditioning, based on the coordination of breathing and movement, a strong "core cylinder" of muscles to support the spine and  a body/mind connection. Joseph Pilates was decades ahead of his time in his theories of core strength, spinal mobility and centered, whole body movement. We have the added benefit of scientific research to enhance Joe's work, orignally called Contrology. Through breath and controlled, thoughtful movement, Pilates is truly a path to wellness and vitality.  Exercises are performed on the mat and on various pieces of equipment with springs for resistance. This is an optimal environment to strengthen and stretch muscles, and to train fascia. The result is elongated, elastic, stronger, muscles that are more resistant to injury, and a well- balanced and centered body. Better posture and balance, increased range of motion, and reduced pain are just a few of the many benefits of Pilates. 


Life is dehydrating to your Fascial, or Connective Tissue System. Sitting at a computer, repetitive movements (running, sports), age, injury and surgery, all dehydrate your fascial system. MELT Hand and Foot Treatments rehydrate your entire system, reducing chronic pain and reversing the aging process. Try a MELT Hand and Foot Intro Class and take one of our 4 Session Series of classes to learn the techniques--and learn the 50 Second Facelift!


Pilates unites the Body and Mind, creating a well balanced, centered, strengthened whole being. 

                          315 2nd Avenue | San Mateo, Ca 94401| Phone: (650) 573-9522
                                            Email: info@purifyingpilates.com