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About Our Studio


Our studio is fully equipped with Reformers, Trapeze Tables, Chairs, Arm Chairs, Ladder Barrel, Spine Correctors, and the newest inventions, including the Konnector and the Arcus. We are an official SmartSpine© Academy, so a session at our studio is like a spa treatment! We pamper you with heat and "decompression", while you strengthen and align. You leave invigorated and lengthened, and with each session you feel taller, more centered and relieved of pains. You move better, sleep better, get stronger and leaner, and get your life back!


Pilates equipment by Balanced Body.

Our Directors are trained and certified in the Advances in Pilates Technique through Long Beach Dance Conditioning, under the direction of Marie-Jose Blom. Our Certified Staff Teachers and Apprentices have completed Purifying Pilates' Comprehensive Teacher Training Course in order to keep consistency within our studio. We approach the Pilates Method as a movement science with a biomechanical knowledge and a focus on fascial oriented training. We specialize in therapeudic exercises for scoliosis and back pain and post-injury rehabilitation. We continue our study through advanced workshops with the industry's top professionals.

Rene Morales, Director, Master Instructor

Rene began taking Pilates in 2000 for a bulging disc. Improved posture and the ability to work in the garden again, pain-free, convinced her of the importance of this work. She completed  her certification through Long Beach Dance Conditioning in 2004 and opened Purifying Pilates with her daughter, Martine, in 2007. In 2010, Rene developed and held Purifying Pilates first Comprehensive Teacher Training Course. In addition to numerous continuing education workshops with master teachers such as Elizabeth Larkam and Julian Littleford,  Rene attended Marie Jose's Pilates  Leadership Introspective Master Training Series in 2011/2012. Rene is a Certified MELT Hand and Foot Instructor (2016) and is Certified in Kinesiotaping Levels 1&2. She completed the Fascial Fitness Teacher Training in 2014, and continues to study the exciting science of fascia. She specializes in working with clients recovering from injury and with clients who have back pain and scoliosis. She loves knowing she can help people to be pain-free and to get a good night's sleep! 


Martine Kalbhenn, Assistant Director

Martine began Pilates at the age of 12 after being diagnosed with "significant scoliosis". She was lucky enough to have Elizabeth Larkam at St Francis Hospital's Dance Medicine Center as one of her first teachers. Pilates has kept her out of surgery and virtually pain-free. As a dancer, Pilates improved her strength, technique and flexibility. After graduating from Chapman University with a Bachelor of Arts in Dance, Martine completed her Pilates Teacher Certification at Long Beach Dance Conditioning before opening Purifying Pilates with her mother. In 2016, she completed the MELT Hand and Foot Instructor Certification. She is our Pre/Post Natal Specialist, and she works with scoliosis clients from the ages of 6 all the way through 80.  She continues to study Sports Conditioning and Injury Prevention for athletes, hoping to lengthen and strengthen the careers of dancers and athletes of all kinds. Martine's Reformer, Jumpboard and Circuit Classes are challenging and exhilarating.


 Kate Lynn Roberts, Certified Staff Teacher (bio coming soon)



Mary Kalbhenn, Certified Staff Teacher (bio coming soon)




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